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Michael Guerriero

Michael Guerriero is an operations professional based in Toronto, with extensive experience in inventory management, wholesale operations, logistics supervision, and day-to-day management. Guerriero has consistently demonstrated a track record of success, effectively optimizing business operations, streamlining logistics processes, and driving increased profitability.


At Brands Gone Wild, Michael Guerriero serves as an inventory management specialist. Through detailed monitoring of inventory levels, he proactively identifies potential shortages and ensures prompt stock replenishment, thereby maintaining optimal inventory level. Michael Guerriero also has an understanding of wholesale operations, including vendor management, pricing strategy, and customer relationship management, enabling him to effectively oversee wholesale management activities.


As a skilled logistics supervisor, Michael Guerriero manages intricate supply chain networks. He orchestrates seamless coordination of transportation and distribution activities, guaranteeing efficient delivery of goods. Guerriero’s logistical expertise is instrumental in meeting customer expectations and facilitating operational excellence.


As the head of day-to-day operations, Michael Guerriero assumes responsibility for all facets of business operations. From financial management to human resources and customer service, he ensures that each aspect of the Brands Gone Wild organization runs smoothly, fostering success and customer satisfaction.

Michael Guerriero - Q&A

What does a typical day look like for you as an inventory specialist?

Michael Guerriero: Every day is a little bit different, but it’s a lot of checking inventory levels and a lot of emails. I review a lot of sales data and get my team organized to start the day off right. From there it’s a lot of logistics, making sure stock and inventory are prepared for the coming weeks (especially if there’s a sale).

What are some of the misconceptions that come to mind when people ask you about your job?

Michael Guerriero: I believe that a big misconception is that the entire process is largely the same each week, and the numbers stay consistent and you’re often ordering the same products. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Brands Gone Wild is always liquidating new inventory and introducing new products to our customers to keep our options fresh based on current fashion trends and seasonality. This means we have to monitor data very closely and track stock to see what sells well and what people are buying/not buying.

How do you maintain efficiency when sales are in high demand?

Michael Guerriero: Having a good relationship and good communication with our suppliers is an important aspect of making sure we have the supply to meet the current demand. If a supplier is flaky or unresponsive, generally speaking, it’s unlikely that we will continue to work with them in the foreseeable future. We also have safety stock on hand based on our sales data to ensure that popular products aren’t too quick to sell out.

How do you determine shifts in market trends?

Michael Guerriero: You track the market and analyze the data that’s available to you. It’s also as simple as getting online and seeing what people are advertising; for example, there has been a big resurgence in ’90s-inspired fashion. Do a little research, crunch some numbers, and perhaps most importantly – listen to your customers. Just because we work in inventory doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch with what our customers have been enjoying and what more of they want to see.

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